Thursday, March 3, 2011

teaching at Quilt Guild

I am teaching at our Quilt Guild this month!  We will be doing some wool applique.  I just love to applique with wool for a lot of reasons.  When the wool is felted (washed in hot water and dried) it has an amazing quality!  It does not unravel, or fray,  this means we don't have to turn the edges under ---hooray!  

These are examples of the pincushions we will be making.  Luckily our guild is providing all the wool!  The only bad part about wool is that it gets a little pricey, and when you can share--it's awesome because sometimes you just need a little bit of a color.
This one is fun to embellish--antique buttons, ric-rac around the edge, beads for eyes.

I LOVE Americana and primitive things, so I just love this pincushion.  See how the texture of the wool and the irregularity of the hand dyed wool gives it so much character?  

All of these have been stitched down using balck quilting thread.  You may also want to use a matching color embroidery floss. 

These pincushions are filled with crushed walnut shells which gives them a wonderful weight.  

I look forward to seeing all of you at 6:30 on March 10th at the Eden bowery!

Bring:  scissors, thread, needles, pen or pencil!! 

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