Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012

Taking the opportunity to share some pictures we took this weekend when the family got together!
Mallory, decided to straighten her hair, just to see how long it is!
Savannah, no straigthened hair here!!!

Grandpa is checking out his new garden gnome watering can.  I am sure that was just what he wanted for  his Birthday!
Peter, giving us blue steel.

Emma, such a great smile!

Cheering for Peter on the motorcycle.  
These girls have so much fun together!!!
This is Mallory's new doll she made.  Sooo cute!

Just a little update and a trial run to see if my new camera works and I can actually get them off the camera on to the computer.  Leaving for Portugal in 2 days.  I am so excited i can hardly stand it!  We are going to BRING HIM HOME!